Ultimate Suspicious Data Consuming Solution

My laptop run Windows10 with JIO internet plan with 1GB daily limit. one day i found that i cant open google. i looked at phone (which hotspot i was using), data monitor was showing 3-4 Mbps Speed. i looked at laptop, still google was not opened.
i thought a bit. what could be possible reasons?
as a programmer, first i thought may be google server is down. so i opened facebook. which did not open either.

so i concluded that something in my laptop is eating all the bandwidth.. or may be there was something in my phone that is eating something.

first thing came to my mind was – there must be a data monitor that should show speed at status bar. i searched it and find this one – NetSpeedMonitor(64 bit) .
so lets talk about this first.
1. what it looks like ?


there is no extra window, it is sit directly on system tray. as a toolbar.  it shows both download and upload speed. configure it more, and it will show you which software is currently connected to internet right now by clicking/double clicking on it.

2. Cant install on windows 10?

well, there is a solution, just right click on setup, choose properties.
then go to compatibility tab, check run this program in compatibility mode for – and select windows 8 from combo box. then apply and OK.
now you can install it on windows 10 by double clicking on it.

i am huge fan of this software and i really thanks the author from deep heart for writing such software.


Now all set up, lets talk about My own Software-
so, after installing netSpeedMonitor, one day, again , i found my laptop is consuming all the bandwidth data and i am unable to open any website. so i serched about blocking software from consuming data and i stumbled upon firewall word.
firewall is a software which always come along with windows. it is always there whether you use it or not. you can block an entire software using firewall so that software cannot consume a single byte of your internet.

with fire wall, you can also block a website, if you do it, that website cant be opened on your computer anyway. it doesnt matter if you opening that website in Chrome, firefox, Internet explore, Opera or in any other software.

if you learned about use of firewall then let me correct some things i told you- you actually block IP Address of website instead of address of website.

my software will show you a list of software  that are currently connected to internet along with connected IP addresses. (like netSpeedMonitor) but  unlike netSpeedMonitor, it will let you block the IP address or block the entire software form using any internet data.
simply it will not cause you any error. software on windows without internet permission runs fine unlike android.

you block a single exe file or an entire folder of exes’ . you can later remove them from block list. more, you can view location of servers on which connected IP Address is located . you can locate the software which is using internet.

1. How it looks like?


(2) what are these infos?

on the left side, it shows list of softwares that are currently connected to internet. you can see Chrome and my software itself is in list. so they both are connected to internet.

for example , look at the first line- chrome is connected to IP Address ! process ID (PID) of this instance of chrome window is – 2420.

lets call each line a “connection”!

next you can see a pop up menu(which was appeared by right clicking on connection) with options-
-Close this Connection:: this will close the selected connection. it may take some seconds to disappear from list even after closing connection.
Kill Application:: it will kill the process.( it will not delete/unistall the application).
-Block this IP :: this will add this IP to Windows Fire wall block list. This IP wont cosume any of data right after blocking. but it may take time to disappear from list even after blocking(due to procedures of internet such as FIN_WAIT and FIN_CLOSE etc.).
-Block This App:: it will add the entire app to FireWall. and this app wont connect to internet anymore. i love this option most. and this is the first option i added to this software.
-Locate The File :: this will open folder in which the application (in selected connection) is located. you can either uninstall it or delete it if you think it is a virus or unwanted application.
-Locate IP:: this will open website of http://www.ipgeeks.org which will show you explained info about IP of selected connection.

at the bottom , you can see line- Total connections: 6, this means what you already know.
also, you can see 2 green rectangles at bottom. first is showing that FireWall service is running on your computer/laptop. if this turns red, that means firewall service is Off and in this condition, this software is useless because it will not work and produce lot of errors.(This software works by adding and removing IP and Application to Fire Wall).
although i have tried to add code to automatically start firewall service but due to lack of interest i didnt test it. so it may or may not start Firewall service automatically.

second green ractangle showing that it is now connected to internet with a working internet connection. the internet connection is working or not how it determine? well, it determine by pinging to google.com . thats why connection list also show its own connections(ping connections to google.com).(connection number 5 and 6 in picture above). if this turns red, that means you may have internet , but not working one. or may be the google.com server is down.

on the bottom , you can see a red cross(x) button and a plus(+) button. you know cross button very well. it will close the program. and plus button has some extra option which is described below –

plus options

-Add File:: you can select an exe file to add to block list manually even if it is not shown in connection list.
Add Folder:: this will add an entire folder to block list. that will include exe files in sub folders also.
-See Blocked IP list:: this will show list of IP’s you have blocked. you find remove option there below the right click of selected IP.
-See Blocked App List:: this will show list of Applications that you have blocked. you will find remove option there below the right click on selected application name.

that all options my software have right now.
(3) please note that-
* this is beta version of software- it may have lot of bugs. you cant blame me for what this software do to your computer. although i have created it for good things.
* you may request me for source code, but you will not use that codes for commercial use.
* this software demands admin rights. because without it, no software can add or remove anything from/to windows inbuilt fire wall.
* the icons i have used in software are taken from this.

NOTE:: dont block svchost!!

(4) now you all have read about it. you can download it here

(5)oh sorry. you might have noticed some other software in last picture above on right side.
this is a part of this software.
(6) if you think svchost is consuming all your data, then you should disable following services – 
* Background Intelligent Transfer Service.
* Windows Update
NOTE that if you disable windows update , some software wont install. but its not the issue. because you can enable this service anytime.

I hope that , now you laptop/computer wont consume unwanted data.
happy computing.


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